Blank Lehrer Bar specializes in providing geotechnical consulting services in Israel and around the world since 1977. The company is one of the largest and professional companies in Israel in the field of geotechnical consulting, and has advised on many major projects in Israel, including TOHA Towers in Tel Aviv (80 floors), Azriel Sharona (61 floors), Red Line of Light Rail in Tel Aviv, the 4th elliptical 100 floors Azrieli Tower- the tallest building in Israel.
The company handles a wide range of projects, including: residential buildings, neighborhood development, public buildings, industrial buildings, logistical wellhouses and multi functional projects.

The company teem includes eight experienced and skilled engineers, who have so far consulted on more than 6,000 projects in Israel and around the world.

We believe that the mission of a geotechnicalconsultant  is to enable the developer to make the most of the construction options on the ground, while keeping construction costs as low as possible, in order to achieve maximum profitability in each project, while meeting all relevant standards.